Quality Strings designs and fabricates bespoke bass strings for upright and grand pianos
Additionally the plain wire unisons can be improved by rescaling
Following the optimal scale design, we carry out the correct manufacturing process
You will find information here about how we fabricate your bespoke bass strings



Quality Strings - Hand made Bass Strings for pianos


For the best possible result it is essential that the manufacturing process is consistent with the Scale Design
What follows is just a summary of the many aspects that are crucial to this process


Use of a pattern
To make truly bespoke bass strings, a blueprint or pattern of the instrument is indispensable. Making a pattern is a relatively simple process and it takes a lot less time than making over a hundred correct measurements
Needless to say, it's also much less prone to error
Click here to show a video about making a pattern






A stable eye
There are a number of steps to making a strong and stable English eye
A German eye and Double German eye can withstand more tensile stress than an English eye
Piano Bass String English Eye Piano Bass String German Eye Piano Bass String Double German Eye



The tension on the core wire
We do not take a fixed value for this but rather a percentage of the ultimate tension in the instrument


Hardness of the winding material
It is not only the hardness of the winding material we use that influences the sound. After all, copper is softer than brass for instance. The tensile stress on the winding material that is needed to obtain the correct total thickness and its gradation are also important


Single vs double winding
We produce double wound strings according to a specific method and certain ratios
We then use the differences in sound characteristics between single and double wound strings to increase the evenness of the bass


Finally, we can provide the desired finish
Click here to see examples of finishes



Some of the best known finishes

Piano Bass String No Finish Piano Bass String Coned End Finish Piano Bass String Whipped End Finish



Piano Bass String Bosendorfer Finish Piano Bass String Erard Finish Piano Bass String Flat Underlying Copper Finish






CNC machine
Numerical control or computer numerical control (CNC) machines have long been used to manufacture bass strings. However, we deliberately avoid using these machines as we feel it is no coincidence that bass strings for the best instruments on the market are always made by hand



Hand-made strings simply sound better




Quality Strings - piano strings hand made









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