In 2011, Daniel Barenboim played on one of Franz Liszt's restored grand pianos in Siena Italy
He was struck by the tonal characteristics, but the projection was too small for big venues
Chris Maene was asked to combine that transparency with the power of a modern concert grand
Quality Strings scaled and fabricated bespoke bass strings for the straight strung Barenboim grand
In may 2015, the world-famous conductor and pianist unveiled his new concert grand piano in London








"Barenboim took us to worlds only Schubert inhabited, where emotions indescribable in words
dance and overlap and music flows and flows, songlike, orchestral, mythic,
with vast textural richness and variety
And yes, of course the piano had everything to do with this"
 (the Wall Street Journal)




Barenboim with Quality Strings Bass Strings

photo Chris Maene  



"It's the dream of many instrument makers to build their own concert grand. With this contemporary straight strung concert grand, this dream has become reality for me"  (Chris Maene)


"The bass sounds clear ..deep ..full ..dynamic ..clean ..pure ..powerfull ..consistent"   (Michel Brandjes)


"I've fallen in love with the instrument"   (Daniel Barenboim)


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