Quality Strings designs and manufactures custom bass strings for upright and grand pianos
Additionally the plain wire unisons can be improved through rescaling
Here you can read how better strings go hand in hand with a better environment



Trees for All
For every set of bass strings we produce, a new tree is planted in collaboration with Trees for All
Quality Strings - a tree for every set of bass strings


As a CBF - recognized foundation, Trees for All plants trees, restores existing forests and is actively involved in sustainable projects in developing countries



Sustainable power
Solar panels were installed at the beginning of 2017, enabling us to generate all the energy for our activities locally






Our strings consist of a metal core wire that is sometimes wrapped with brass but mostly with copper. All these metals can be reused. Copper is the recycling champion, with an infinite life cycle without an end-phase, this renewable raw material can be recycled over and over again without loss of properties. In addition, recycling requires 85% less energy than primary production
Quality Strings are protected with wrapping paper and packed in a sturdy cardboard box which is sealed with paper tape
Quality Strings - Delivery


Bespoke Quality Strings starting their journey to our customers through the Dutch landscape





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